It is said by many that the discovery of aetherite (sometimes commonly known as floatium) and the associated aether field manipulation technology pioneered by the Tower of Air in the University of Mondoza was the single greatest discovery in the history of humanity. Aethertech has allowed mankind to survive and flourish after the Sundering and is now an ever-present part of modern life.

In lay terms, aetherite is a substance with characteristics similar to both an exceptionally dense metal and a crystal. When manipulated it absorbs what aethertechs call 'aetheric potential' from gravity itself and this potential can be released, only for it to start to recharge again soon afterwards.

This cycle can be exploited in a number of ways:

  • It is used in weaponry as a way to propel projectiles, although it is seen as a one-and-done method usually as these weapons are slow to recharge.
  • In duels, ammunition is foregone and only the bolt of aetheric force is used to strike the opponent. This same principle has been used to create aether cannon on larger military ships.
  • Negatively charged aetherite is used in bombs which can create an aether negation field, nullifying the effects of aether in the area for a short time.
  • Small slivers of aetherite have been put into gliders and jump boots, to allow a slight amount of lift and spring.
  • Large discs of aetherite are mounted on gyroscopic spindles in the aft of all flying ships, allowing the craft to rise, fall, pitch, drive and reverse easily. Speed can be slow and steady using small, rapid releases of energy or explosive using large but slow to recharge single bursts.