Aetherite has been used to power a number of different personal technologies.

Glider Wings

A favourite of pirates and navy alike, these wings that are strapped to a man can rise and glide with a minute charge of aetherite. Whilst not quite flying, the glider wings offer another dimension to combat in the skies.

Aether Boots

Boots implanted with a tiny charge of aetherite can propel the wearer as if gravity does not exist. These boots have a small recharge time, so they cannot be used as a reliable means of transport.

Aether grenade
Aether Weaponry

Aether has been employed to empower both pistols and grenades.

In pistol form, the aether is used to generate a gravity pulse that repels the projectile at terrible speeds. This creates dangerous one-shot weapons that recharge from the atmosphere and thus cannot be relied upon. If no projectile is loaded into the pistol, the gravity pulse is still generated, creating the perfect weapon for non-fatal duelling.

In grenade form, particle sized amounts of aetherite are embedded into hand-thrown discs, which cause a gravity pulse upon impact. Finally, the Aether Bomb is a larger version of the grenade, but has a setting that creates an aetheric implosion that nullifies all use of aether technology in the area for the next few minutes.

Many states lay claim to the crown of greatest inventors of aether technology, with the most recognised being the Institute Aethere in Gallacia