The Baltik are the lost race of humanity - an island nation that fell during the Sundering and was lost into the Dark Below. Now, wrapped in perpetual darkness, they have grown into an isolated and war-like people, twisted by the influence of Void Aether and their own fears.

To survive in the Dark Below, the Baltik have developed a horrifying new aether technology known as Void Aether. Without a reliable source of Aetherite to power their technology, they had to improvise and the result was dirty, twisted aether tech. Void Aether generates immense aether power but at the cost of a residue that warps and twists human flesh. Baltiks use this void-stuff to create their shock troopers and other atrocities, and to create beasts of burden for their shadowy cities.

The shadows of the Dark Below have also made technological demands on the Baltik's senses. Almost all of them wear some form of light enhancement goggles to boost the meagre light that penetrates the shadows.