Before the Sundering, the land mass known as Berbary did not exist as a state. The rocky, sandy, inhospitable area was the home of nomadic tribes and isolated villagers. After the Sunderlng, the people from dozens of tiny fragmented survivor communities found their way there in hundreds of floating airships and together, they former the state of Berbary.

The Berbari live under one core rule - if I can sell it, I will get it. To say they are pirates would be a little simplistic; they simply work under rules of ownership that are a little more fluid than most people.

Another defining feature of the Berbari is a belief in revenge. If you cross them, they will hunt you and kill you. They make the back-stabbing Lombardi or the duel-hungry Gallacian nobles look positively compromising in this regard!



Bassaam al-Hashemi – Berbar assassin of the Order Scorpius

Zahraaa al-Hashemi – Berbar assassin of the Order Scorpius