The Inquisition has become the custodian of the Aether Sphere's clockwork technology, as it is seen as a safe and holy method to use.

Clockwork is seen as an alternative to aethertech and huge advances have been made in the maintenance of energy within clockwork mechanisms, allowing for longer lasting clockwork devices and even self-winding perpetuation technology.

The main use of clockwork is in the dragon network - a trans-island communications mechanism used extensively by all nations.


The most feared use of clockwork is the cutting edge technology that powers the terrifying Angels of the Inquisition. These guardians have limited programming, but also some degree of rudimentary decision making that cannot be fathomed without access to the Inquisition forges.

Clockwork is also used for Inquisition navy weaponry, rather than the usual aether cannon. These guns have a limited projection capability, but have much faster shooting speed resulting in the bizarre but effective Inquisition tactic of gaining height on an enemy and then dropping their munitions onto them as a 'curtain of lead'