'There are no common folk in Gallacia - even the lowest beggar considers himself simply an inconvenienced noble...' - Common Frisian saying.

Gallacia is, at its best, a thing of uncompromising beauty and, at its worst, a beast of utter degradation. Above the rim, Gallacia is a golden paradise. Carved marble, gilt edges and filigree ornamentation are everywhere. The finery and affluence are matched only by the romance and deep-seated honour of the well-to-do. Below the rim? Gallacia is a tawdry, drug and alcohol addled quagmire of filth and depravity.

Gallacia is a real power in the Aether Sphere, but they suffer from an antiquated attitude to warfare, diplomacy and honour. The latter causes their officers to seek satisfaction over and over again for the slightest errors, whereas the former cripples their fleet with a need for the beautiful rather than the effective - a prime example being their new armoured, yet ornate flagship, the Adamant.


Institute Aethere - a scholastic and research centre of Aether development


Hubert Messier - merchant and diplomat, blinded by the Order Scorpius

Grand Scientist Alfred DuPont, Institute Aethere - clockwork arm and leg

Blois d'Alba of the King's Guard - sword teacher

The King - current holder of the Gauntlet

Prince Armand - brother to the King and controller of the King's Guard

Prince Mathieu- the Dauphane, true heir, commander of the musketeers

Capt. Francoise d'Ubert - Gallacian naval captain