Iberia is an island nation steeped in tradition and superstition. The people are split between a painfully poor working population and an obscenely rich ruling class, filling the ranks of the parliament, the military and of course, the church.

There can be no consideration of Iberia without also considering the Order Cardinale, as it is known there - or the Inquisition as it is known everywhere else. The Order influences every aspect of Iberian life, with the core dictat that aether technology is evil, the route to another apocalypse like the Sundering and should be shunned and hunted.

As a result, the Iberians are the masters of clockwork technology


Castilon - a centre of Inquisition power, the city of golden spires.

Aragon - an island enclave for the Iberian Navy, and the home of its naval academy


Gabriel de la Cruz - former naval officer and privateer for the Frisian Empire

Perez the Toymaker - former Inquisition torturer; now toymaker in the Frisian Empire

Father Ignatio - member of the Inquisition and curator of the Castilon library.

Admiral Lucas Alamo - venerable and respected naval commander

Julio Cortez - renegade Iberian naval officer

Patriarch Mendoza - Leader of the Order Cardinale in Castilon