Name: The Black Falcon

Nation: Frisia (formerly Baltik)

Docks: Middenburg (originally Krakov)

Captain: Gabriel de la Cruz

Class: Light Cruiser

Notes: The Black Falcon is a Baltik light cruiser, captured during the raid on the Spire. The superior weapons, engines, armour and other technology has sent shockwaves through the Island Nations. Faster and more nimble than almost every other ship currently in the aether, the Falcon's void aether engine is unique outside of the Dark Below. The sensor orb offers the crew a distinct advantage in many ship-to-ship situations.

However, there is only one of these ships, so it is instantly recognisable, and the void aether engine is a dangerous and unpredictable beast.


Gabriel de la Cruz - Captain

Radka Adamova - First Mate

Eraldo - Ship's Cook

Leo Nardozzi - fugitive engineering genuis

Gaten d'Cote - former Gallacian King's guard

Jasmijn Vahl - runaway merchant's daughter and trainee engineer