The Frisian Empire is the largest of the island nations in the Aether Sphere and builds its power around its plentiful resources and large merchant fleet. Whilst the Empire has a figurehead of state in the Queen, it is ruled by a council of representatives of the merchant houses that bring the Empire such wealth.

The Frisians seek to expand the peace and prosperity that their philosophy brings across the sphere, calming the actions of the warring nations. To this end, they actively engage in ambassadorial duties with their neighbours, negotiate treaties and secure trade routes. They also maintain a number of privateers to execute some of the less acceptable tasks that are necessary to maintain their grip on civilisation.


Middenburg - the capital of Frisia, and home to the ruling council


Jasmijn Vahl - daughter of Vincent Vahl, engineer.

Vincent Vahl - Head of the Merchant House Vahl

Counsellor Jansen - head of the Merchant House Jansen, but also the face of the Frisian Secret Service and the paymaster of the Golden Falcon.

Lady Amaya de la Cavalleria - Spy in the employ of Jansen. Currently posing as the mistress of Patriarch Mendoza..


The Frisian Empire, is not actually an Empire as we know it. There is no imperial family to rule over the island nation. Rather, Frisia is ruled by a council of merchant houses, from their stronghold in the capital Middenburg. Members of the council include:

Counsellor Johanna Graaf - Head of Merchant House Graaf and Speaker of the Council

Counsellor Vincent Vahl - Head of Merchant House Vahl and Minister of the Interior

Counsellor Claus Jansen - Head of Merchant House Jansen and head of the Frisian Secret Service

Counsellor Saskia Visser - Head of Merchant House Visser and Minister for Commerce

Counsellor Arjan Jaager - Head of Merchant House Jaager and Minister for War

Counsellor Erasmus Cornelissen - Head of Middenburg University and Minister for Aether