Rather than one single island nation, the Lombari Archipelago consists of a number of city-states, each with their own island. Some float independent of the others, whilst some are linked by tethers or bridges.

Each city-state acts as an independent tiny nation, with their own navy, their own ruling class and their own way of life. Occasionally they may act together, or in partnership, but these agreements rarely last as the deep-seated distrust that runs through the blood of every Lombardi always comes to the fore.

Many of the great shipyards of the Aether Sphere exist in the archipelago - an irony in that if the city-states worked together, their assets would make them a devastating power and yet as it stands they are fractious and ineffective.


Mondoza - City state famed for their ship yards and advances in the technology used on aetherships.

Laurentis - City state famed for their university, regarded as the most cultured of the Archipelago states. Home of the Dragonetti family


Donato Dragonetti - ambitious cousin of Massimo Dragonetti

Savino Crosta - former inventor, now a Philosopher Pirate in the employ of the Inquisition navy.

Allesandro de la Notoya - Professor at the University of Laurentis

Eraldo - Cook on the Golden Falcon and man servant of Leo Nardozzi

Radka Adamova - First mate on the Golden Falcon, originally from a minor island state but adopted by the Lombards.

Leo Nardozzi - Inventor and crew member of the Golden Falcon

Guiscardo Dragonetti - second son of the Dragonetti family, a progressive militarist

Rudolfo Dragonetti - first son of the Dragonetti family, a traditional militarist

Delfina Dragonetti - youngest child of the Dragonetti family, currently unmarried.

Massimo Dragonetti - Head of the family Dragonetti, a very sick man