The Teuton Massiv lies far to the aetheric South of Frisia, a island nation of heavy industry and mining exploration. 

The state is ruled by a collective of noble Barons, with one Supreme Elector who rules above all. This Baronic Council is a secretive body, locked down by layers and layers of tradition and ceremony. As such it is almost impentrable to an outsider and labyrinthine even to a native Teuton. 

The Teutonic military are the masters of heavy military development. Whilst their ships are slow, they are heavily armoured and carry the latest munitions. They are an intimidating sight to behold, however they have never been successfully deployed as the bickering for supremacy between the Barons and the patchwork of peace treaties and agreements that the other Island Nations have created with the Teutons keep them ineffectually in check.



Baron Wolfram Zoranski - noble, war hero and slave trader.